Dear District 26 Friends and Neighbors:

In the last few months, it seems like our entire world has changed as we have all had to adapt to a new reality of physical distancing, working from home, school closures, shortages and other inconveniences. In spite of these recent troubles, we have made considerable progress in recent years on major issues of concern. As Chair of the State House K-12 Education Sub-Committee, I have taken a lead role in working on issues which affect our schools, both locally and statewide.

Education Reform: In addition to writing and passing legislation regarding school safety, I have helped lead efforts to raise teacher pay. Two years of back-to-back raises have teachers in South Carolina earning above the Southeastern average (and often much more than N.C. teachers!). I have also been working to reduce the amount of stndardized testing and red tape that keeps good teachers from teaching and discourages innovation in the classroom!

Impact Fees: I wrote the budget proviso that allowed the Fort Mill School District impact fee to be created and stand 110% behind the efforts to defend it in court. This impact fee will help fund needed school construction from new development instead of increasing tax burdens upon homeowners.

Improving Roads: I supported the SCDOT reform bill which reformed the agency and provided millions for new roads. I was proud to support the effort to fund the state grant which will help fund the long-overdue construction of the SC 160 and Cherry Road interchanges.

As we work to recover from these difficult times, my priorities will be to continue supporting recovery efforts while keeping an eye on long-term priorities such as education, job creation, tax reform and improving our regional roads. I’d be honored to have your vote for another term!

As with any job, feedback is important. To do the best job I can for you, I need to know what’s on your mind, so please keep in touch with me. You can reach me with your concerns and questions anytime at 803.547.6715 or by emailing me at You can also visit my District 26 Facebook page and sign up for updates.


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