It is an honor to serve you in the State House. Last year, much of our work focused on education reform, delivering a balanced and efficient budget, providing solutions for more efficient and accountable electrical utilities for customers and businesses across the state, safer communities and more help for our state’s veterans.

In 2020, we’ll continue working to fund education with plans to give our teachers a third consecutive raise. We’ll also be looking to address long-overdue needs in the Corrections Department to better pay our Corrections staff and make our prisons more secure. With a strong economy, we have the opportunity to address some long-time problems while pursuing needed tax reforms.

As the Vice-Chair of the State House Education and Public Works Committee, I’m in a unique position to help lead education reform and make sure our local schools remain strong. Much of my work in this legislative session has been on education reform efforts, including presiding over several public hearings for reform legislation. I’d excited to help lead the way for needed changes!

2020 is also an election year. I hope I’ve earned your support so I can continue working for you in Columbia.

As with any job, feedback is important. To do the best job I can for you, I need to know what’s on your mind, so please keep in touch with me. You can reach me with your concerns and questions anytime at 803.547.6715 or by emailing me at You can also visit my District 26 Facebook page and sign up for updates.

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