On Friday, September 12, the Honorable Nikki R. Haley, Governor of South Carolina held a ceremonial signing for House Bill 4527 of 2014. The Honorable Raye Felder of House District 26 in York County sponsored H.4527 and this legislation was approved by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Haley in order to designate the Friday after Thanksgiving as “A Day of Recognition for Veterans’ Spouses and Families.” This new day of recognition is offered as a way of acknowledging the invaluable support and sacrifice of veterans’ family members. For the signing ceremony, Governor Haley and Representative Felder were joined by some of South Carolina’s bravest veterans and their family members whose dedication played such an important role in their decorated military service. In attendance were: Harvey Mayhill, U.S. Air Force Veteran; Linda (Lin) Mayhill, Veteran Spouse; Robyn Dudley, Gold Star Mother; Frederick (Geno) DelBuono, Veteran U.S. Navy, Retired, and Rolling Thunder CH 1 Chairman of the Board; Kristine Nelson, Former Military Dependent; Joseph (Joe) Padgett, Veteran U.S. Marine Corps and Patriot Guard Riders State Chairman; Tony Pruitt, Afghanistan Wounded Warrior; and Meagan Pruitt, Military Wife. This assembly perfectly represented the proud legacy of bravery and skill of our veterans and the unfailing network of family support that has always strengthened our armed forces. In thanks for her efforts in supporting and showcasing this legislation, the Governor was presented with a print of a watercolor depicting an eagle which was painted in 2012 by Gil Cornett who is both a talented artist and a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. With the passage of this legislation, we look forward this fall to expanding our season of Thanksgiving to show our appreciation for the service, sacrifice, and sustaining love of the home front. We gain an important new day on our calendar here in South Carolina when we have an opportunity to recognize the spouses, children, mothers, fathers, and other family members of the veterans who mean so very much to us all.


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