The South Carolina General Assembly

The first month of the 122nd session of the S.C. General Assembly has brought more questions up for discussion: Hurricane Matthew, the Public Employee State Pension Plan shortfalls, our failing infrastructure, and the change in the leadership of our State.
In addition to these big ideas, hundreds of other bills have already been filed in the House requiring our committees to begin the task of hearings with testimony and deliberations that will result in bills being sent to the House floor for debate and votes.  The business of the people of South Carolina is underway. The agenda is ambitious and I believe we have the determination necessary to be successful

A New Governor is in office


With congratulations to Nikki Haley as the new Ambassador to the United Nations, we welcome Henry McMasters as the Governor of South Carolina.


Godspeed Ambassador Haley

With all the best of wishes to Ambassador Haley as she fulfills her new role, South Carolina is proud of her accomplishments and her future service to the United State of America.




Projects in 2017 according to Raye



National Football Champions



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