2020 school year & COVID restrictions (4/22/20)

The General Assembly is still “on hold” and will continue to do so until we are called back by Governor McMaster, so we are – like many others – staying home and trying to keep safe, making the best of these challenging times. When we do go back, it will likely be to focus on the basics, such as the 2020-2021 state budget and supporting ongoing emergency and recovery efforts.

Much of what has been worked on during this two-year session on a wide range of issues prior to the shutdown may have to wait until next year to see further action. 

The 2020 Census is ongoing. Please be sure to fill out your census form. The information helps decide much of what happens in state, local and federal government. With the fast growth of York County, it’s crucial we get the most accurate population numbers. For more info, go online www.census.gov . To help keep you informed, here are some updates that I’m passing along: