Every election year, lots of candidates talk about issues, but Raye has been working for us in the State House. She has worked to deliver results on issues which affect our community, helping keep our local economy strong, our schools among the best in the Carolinas and our communities safer.

Raye’s hard work has paid off, with recent endorsements from two major organizations: National Federation of Independent Businesses and the South Carolina Education Association. She has also been named “Business Advocate” and “Business Champion” by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

As the First Vice-Chair of the House Education and Public Works Committee and the Chair of the House K-12 Sub-Committee, Raye Felder is helping lead efforts to improve education and protect our children.

Raye Felder has a proven record of working to improve our schools and children safe. In this legislative session, Raye Felder voted for:

  • Additional funding for school resource officers.
  • Funding to FINALLY replace all state school busses older than 1996.
  • Special funding for safer school entrances.

Raye also sponsored and PASSED two bills setting higher standards for school accountability and fiscal management (H3969 & 5042).

Raye Felder has also focused on working to provide more options for special needs children as well as working for adoption and foster care reform – because every child matters.

York County is seeing unprecedented growth and this threatens our quality of life. Having spent much of her life in Fort Mill, Raye knows these challenges all to well.

Raye is working with our local officials to explore how the General Assembly can better work with local governments to help keep growth in check, while supporting continued economic development efforts which help relieve some of the tax burden upon homeowners and generate additional revenue for local schools and roads.

As the First Vice-Chair of the State House Education and Public Works Committee, Raye Felder is in a key role to protect our road funding and ensure recent SCDOT reforms get results.

Raye Felder supported last year’s highway funding reform bill, which increased SCDOT funding by hundreds of millions of dollars while increasing oversight over the agency to prevent wasteful spending.  Raye will be a key watchdog over those funds and ensure the roads get built.

Raye Felder has long been a supporter of public safety, especially supporting our local fire departments. When local firefighters nearly lost their insurance benefits, Raye stepped in to help protect those benefits.

In this session, Raye also helped pass vital highway safety legislation.

As a small business owner, Raye Felder knows what it takes to create jobs as well as the challenges faced by businesses. As our Representative, Raye works to help others succeed by fighting excessive regulations, helping to cut the red tape that strangles businesses, voting to keep taxes low and supporting funding for education and workforce development.


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