Raye on Education:  Education is the key to success for our children that face a very challenging future.  We have a duty to future generations to continue to keep our schools and students performing at a very high level, ranking as one of the top school systems in the State of South Carolina.   Teachers are the core of any successful school. Teachers are the solid foundation of our children’s educational experience. We must grant the local School District the power to reward successful teachers who make real differences in our children’s lives. The counties and states should not be transferring power to federal control.  As a legislator, I will fight the special interest groups that would like to see this become a reality.


Raye on Government: We need a smaller more effective government which is responsive to the people of South Carolina.  As leaders, we need to work together for the good of the State with measurable results. When the Federal, State or Local government spends our hard-earned tax dollars, they must be held accountable. South Carolina is geographically a small state; however, we have a solid foundation and a Triple A credit rating. We must evaluate every dollar spent for effectiveness, and we must research every opportunity to make cost savings a priority.  Columbia needs to focus on providing basic services such as economic development, infrastructure and public safety. As YOUR State Representative, I will push for more accountability from our State Government. I will champion that cause that  the responsibility of our children’s future is impacted heavily by the monies we spend today. We must make sure every dollar spent helps to improve the lives of every South Carolina resident. Today’s hard work will be tomorrow’s reward.  Let’s take the steps needed to ensure future generations will see the rewards.


Raye on the Economy:  South Carolina must work to reform our flawed tax code. I will diligently encourage an end to excessive regulation and taxation of our industries and businesses. A thriving business community is the answer to many of our economic concerns. People must have jobs, and the government must work to find new and innovative ways to foster job creation even in difficult economic times.

I believe in the people of South Carolina. I believe that people want to work, want to earn a paycheck, and want to contribute to the betterment of their children’s future. Together we can get our economy moving again and protect South Carolina’s Triple A credit rating with conservative government spending.

Over the last decade we have seen a growth in South Carolina’s population, but during this time our state spending has  increased more. As your next representative, my focus will be to:

  • Place on our government on a very short leash when it comes to spending
  • Eliminate excessive regulations on businesses that suppress growth
  • Protect South Carolina’s AAA credit rating with conservative government  spending and aggressive search for savings
  • Rediscover our State’s assets like the Charleston harbor, the rail system and  our interstate system


Raye on Taxes: Taxes placed upon small business is one of the chief deterrents to job creation in South Carolina. It curtails entrepreneurial business ventures as well as job innovation and business expansion. Until South Carolina becomes a more business friendly state we will be stuck in a self-perpetuating bureaucratic quagmire that promotes increasing taxes rather than promoting growth.

As your next representative I will work with legislators and our state treasurer Curtis Loftis to make sure we push for real reform to our state’s budget. I also believe we must overhaul our antiquated tax code in South Carolina. We deserve a flatter, finer and fairer tax code that works for everyone.

My focus will be to:

  • Overhaul our antiquated tax code in South Carolina
  • Research a flatter, finer and fairer tax code that works for everyone
  • Government spending needs measurable results
  • Restructure State Government and eliminate duplication


Raye on Jobs: Raye knows that government regulations are destroying the engine that drives economic growth and job creation. As a former small business owner, Raye understands that we need someone who will lead the fight to remove government regulations that hurt economic expansion. We need a vibrant free market private sector that isn’t handcuffed by overregulation to create jobs.

As your next representative, my number one priority in the State Legislature will be to create the atmosphere to bring good paying jobs to South Carolina. My focus will be to:

  • Develop a business friendly environment which will increase total taxable revenue
  • Protect our State’s right to work laws
  • Stabilize the business environment in South Carolina for both blue and white-collar jobs
  • Attract economic development in York County through geographically ideal locations of interstates I-77 and I-85
  • Promote reform to allow existing industries to expand and grow jobs
  • Encourage job skills training and career development



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