Your Statehouse news – May 10, 2018

Your Statehouse news – May 10, 2018

Actions in the House of Representatives

Bills Sent to the Governor

H.3826 TAMPER-RESISTANT PRESCRIPTION PAD that meets the counterfeit-resistant standards required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for prescriptions.
H.4705, ENHANCING REQUIREMENTS FOR MANDATORY REPORTING OF SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT, and enrolled the legislation for ratification. The legislation expands the category of those who are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect by adding clerical or nonclerical religious counselor who charges for services. The legislation specifies that mandatory reporters must make their reports of suspected child abuse and neglect to law enforcement agencies and cannot satisfy their legal duties simply by making reports to their supervisors. The duty to report is not superseded by an internal investigation within an institution, school, facility, or agency.
S.27, APPOINTMENT OF THE STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATION BY THE GOVERNOR with the advice and consent of the Senate, and enrolled the legislation for ratification. Under the provisions of the legislation, the State Superintendent of Education is no longer to be elected through a statewide vote and is, instead, to be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to serve at the Governor’s pleasure. Qualifications are established for the office of State Superintendent relating to educational attainment and professional experience. Compensation for the position is to be set by the Agency Head Salary Commission. A procedure is established for filling a vacancy in this office.
S.888, TEACHERS TO RECEIVE PAY FOR UNUSED ANNUAL LEAVE AND SICK LEAVE. The legislation authorizes a local school district board of trustees or, in the case of a charter school, the governing body of a charter school, to adopt a policy that allows classroom teachers and certain other public school faculty members to receive payment at the end of each fiscal year for unused annual leave and sick leave time in excess of ninety days at the rate established for substitute teacher pay or another approved amount. These optional local policies apply only to sick leave and annual leave in excess of ninety days that is accrued after July 1, 2018.
S.28, ELECTIVE CREDIT FOR RELEASED TIME CLASSES IN RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Addressing situations where a student is transferring to a public high school from a private high school, the legislation provides that the criteria for awarding the maximum of two elective credits is satisfied if a school district leaves the evaluation and assessment function for an off‑campus released time class to an accredited private school, and accepts the off‑campus released time transfer of credit without individually assessing the quality or subject matter of the class, trusting the private school accreditation process to ensure adequate academic standards.
H.4672, REINSTATING VISION SCREENING REQUIREMENTS FOR DRIVER’S LICENSE RENEWALS, and enrolled the legislation for ratification. The legislation provides that individuals will once again be required to satisfy vision screening requirements in order to renew a driver’s license by either passing a vision test administered at the Department of Motor Vehicles or through the submission of a certificate of vision examination form executed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. A certificate of vision examination form executed by a certifying ophthalmologist or optometrist must be transmitted to the DMV electronically. These provisions take effect October 1, 2020.
S.874, ORGAN PROCUREMENT ORGANIZATION VEHICLES to considered authorized emergency vehicles when transporting human organs, human tissue, or medical personnel for the purpose of organ recovery or transplantation in a situation involving an imminent health risk.
S.1042 “INTERNATIONAL MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE” and include this form of insurance in the definition for the term “surplus lines insurance”. International major medical insurance is a temporary health insurance policy that covers the expenses associated with illnesses or accidents that occur while traveling or when temporarily residing outside of a person’s home country.
S.812, RAFFLES CONDUCTED BY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS FOR CHARITABLE PURPOSES, and enrolled the legislation for ratification. The legislation modifies nonprofit, charitable organization raffle rules to increase the maximum value of non cash prizes from $500 to $950, and maximum ticket price from $100 to $300. The legislation also provides that a volunteer who assists a house in operating bingo games is not an agent, promoter, or representative of the house and may participate in a bingo game at the house in which he volunteers except on days he has volunteered.
S.1083, UNIFORM PROGRAM FOR THE ISSUANCE OF TEMPORARY LICENSE PLATES FOR NEWLY ACQUIRED VEHICLES. The program includes provisions for uniform plate design, dimensions, and materials and vehicle identifying information requirements including the date of issue, the date of expiration, the name of the issuing entity, and a unique identifying license plate text that will be assigned by the DMV.
S.891, INFORMATION THAT MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO PARENTS OF NEWBORNS, and enrolled the bill for ratification. Currently, state law requires every hospital to make a video approved by the Department of Health and Environmental Control on the dangers associated with shaking infants and young children available to the parents of each newborn baby delivered in the hospital. The bill requires the educational video to include information on safe sleeping practices and the causes of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome, as well.
H.4807  The legislation provides an extension, until July 1, 2019, for WILD TURKEY HUNTING SEASON and bag limit revisions while the Department of Natural Resources conducts its required study of the state’s wild turkey population.

Bills Sent to the Senate

H.5341, CONFORMING SOUTH CAROLINA’S INCOME TAX PROVISIONS TO FEDERAL INCOME TAX PROVISIONS and making accommodations for the federal tax changes that were enacted by Congress in December 2017 so that these changes at the federal level will not result in increased tax collection at the state level. The legislation continues the practice of conforming state tax provisions to federal provisions to simplify tax preparation, but retains, at the state level, an array of deductions that were eliminated in the federal tax changes of 2017 so that South Carolina taxpayers may still take advantage of these deductions for state income tax purposes.
S.79, “FIBROID TUMOR AWARENESS MONTH” to raise awareness of the impact fibroid tumors have on women’s health.
S.337, CREDIT UNIONS so that the state’s credit unions are able to offer services that allow them to be competitive with national credit unions. The legislation authorizes credit unions to sell, to persons in the field of membership, negotiable checks, including traveler’s checks, money orders, and other similar money transfer instruments, including international and domestic electronic fund transfers and remittance transfers and cash checks and money orders for persons in the field of membership for a fee. The legislation revises provisions relating to membership in a credit union, so as to provide a procedure to admit new community groups to a credit union. The legislation relating to board meetings, so as to provide that, unless the bylaws provide otherwise, one regular meeting each calendar year must be conducted in person. If a quorum is present in person for the annual in person meeting, then the remaining board members may participate using audio or video teleconference methods. The other regular meetings may be conducted using audio or video teleconference methods. The legislation revises provisions relating to permissible investments of credit union funds, so as to allow for an investment in certain charitable donation accounts.
S.877. APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS to allow the option of satisfying a registration requirement with a surety bond in an amount not to exceed fifty thousand dollars.
S.1099, SOUTH CAROLINA MINING ACT EXEMPTIONS. The legislation revises provisions governing the application of the South Carolina Mining Act, to add exemptions for the Department of Commerce, Division of Public Railways, and persons acting under contract with the Department of Commerce.
H.4489, KIDNEY TREATMENT CENTERS are exempt from Certificate of Need review requirements of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, but these centers are still subject to licensing requirements.
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An Update on SC Department of Transportation
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