According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around half of all businesses fail in their first five years. Even though it’s tough to start a business, a recent report showed the number of women-owned businesses are now growing much faster than the national average. I know these challenges first-hand. Years ago, I started a small insurance business in Fort Mill. With hard work, determination and a can-do spirit, I beat those odds and created a thriving and successful business.

Having built a successful career for myself, I want to help others succeed. This is why I believe strongly in fighting excessive regulations, helping to cut the red tape that strangles businesses, voting to keep taxes low and supporting funding for education and workforce development.

As the Chair of the House Education k-12 Sub-Committee, I am in a leadership role, which allows me to work for higher standards and greater accountability for schools. While helping move education legislation through the House, I have also directly sponsored several education reform bills which have passed, including:

* Established accountability models for local school districts.
* Required school districts to establish better fiscal management practices.
* Require in-state tuition rates for veterans.
* Public reporting of investigations of misconduct regarding alcohol, illegal drugs, sexual assault and hazing associated with college fraternities and sororities.

I’ve long been involved in York County in various roles before I decided to run for the State House, working to help build a stronger community as well as help those less fortunate. I’m committed to making sure our communities have strong representation in Columbia.

In addition to serving in leadership roles in the House Education and Public Works Committee, I have served as Chair of the General Assembly Womens’ Caucus, a bi-partisan group of legislators. This allowed me to work more effectively with legislators in both parties, becoming more effective in getting legislation passed in the House.

Your support will keep me in the State House, so I can keep working on issues vital to our communities.

  • Attended Winthrop College and York Technical College
  • Limestone College, B.S., 1993
  • Married to J. Wayne Felder
  • Member, York County Regional Chamber
  • Past Chairwoman, Fort Mill Area Council
  • Fort Mill Citizen of the Year, 2003
  • Small Business Person of the Year, 2011
  • Serves on board for Community Housing, Inc.
  • York Technical College Foundation
  • York County Economic Development
  • Previous participant, York County Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Former volunteer, South Carolina Guardian Ad Litem
  • Previous participant, Rock Hill Arts Council
  • Previous participant, Junior Achievement