Representing our area isn’t just about showing up at committee hearings and when votes are cast on the House floor. It involves being there for the needs of the community and helping in ways which aren’t listed as legislative duties. Raye Felder serves because she cares about making the Fort Mill area a better place, including helping and protecting children in need.


“Raye Felder helped my family when we ran into obstacles with my brother’s Independent Living funds, which are intended to help children in foster care become successful in the world.

I am autistic and have ADHD. I wanted to go to a smaller school as a lot of people and noise get me off track. Raye Felder helped my parents qualify me for a scholarship for special needs children like myself.

This helped me tremendously and allowed me to graduate from Nation’s Ford High School.

As a previous foster care child, I am used to being overlooked – but Raye Felder didn’t overlook me. She saw a need and met it. She cares. That’s why I fully support Raye Felder and her mission to make South Carolina better.”


“Our daughter, Khloe Bellows, received a wish through the Make A Wish foundation and ventured to Disney with our family. This was the first of two vacations we have been able to take in 6 years as a family. Raye Felder was an active participant in making this wish come true!

After meeting Representative Felder through Make A Wish, our family later met with her to discuss the challenges we (and many others) face in receiving home health nursing. Each encounter with Representative Felder has been positive. She genuinely cares and has always welcomed a call or an email from us.

We appreciate that Raye Felder is so involved in the community and willing to speak for the needs of families within it. We are proud to support someone who has been so supportive of us.”

Hollie Bennett, LBSW. Social Worker and Guardian Ad Litem

“Raye is one of only a few in Columbia who studies the issues, listens to learn, and then votes accordingly. As a social worker, I have worked alongside of Raye on many children’s issues.”