Special session, COVID info and more (4/6/20)

It’s been a trying time the last few weeks and everything is so different from just a few weeks ago. The demands of responding to the coronavirus outbreak have placed burdens upon many. While I’m especially thankful for the first responders and health care professionals who go above and beyond the normal call of duty every day, it means so much to see how so many our community have rallied by donating needed supplies, supported local businesses and been supportive of those in need. Everything we do, no matter how big or small, matters.

I have never been more proud to represent this area in Columbia. We should all be proud of how we’ve not allowed these tough times to make us cold or uncaring. While we’re social distancing, many of us have become closer than before. We’ll emerge from this better as people and stronger as a community.

The General Assembly will meet for a brief session on Wednesday. Arrangements have been made to sanitize the chambers and arrange seating so members can distance themselves from each other. We plan to meet to do two things: