Special Coronavirus and State Government Report (3/23/20)

In the last couple of weeks, it seems like our entire world has changed as we have all had to adapt to a new reality of “social distancing”, working from home, school closures, empty grocery stores, and then re-adapting as circumstances change yet again. For the time being, the General Assembly has postponed meeting aside from brief meetings to address urgent matters. While we are home, we are involved in regular meetings and briefings with state and local officials who are working to get ahead of the situation.

Although the legislature may be largely inactive for the time being, I will be sharing information that may be of importance to this area so watch for periodic updates via these emails.

I want to begin by sharing something positive that may not make headlines but is so vital to our ability to ride out this storm. I am deeply touched at the patience and charity shown by many in our community who have come together to help in this time of need. All of our first responders, health care organizations and professionals are working so hard to help everyone in need. Also, contrary to the friction we often see in Washington, the collaboration between state and local officials (as well as federal officials on the ground in our communities) has been nearly flawless.